Be A Good Egg
Be A Good Egg

Last year you told us you couldn’t buy Fairtrade Easter eggs at your local supermarkets. So this year we’re asking you to speak up.

Mary Appiah is a farmer who grows cocoa. The more cocoa she sells on Fairtrade terms, the more her community can benefit from fair prices and Fairtrade Premiums. So Mary is coming to Australia this Easter to stand with you, signing our petition asking Coles and Woolworths to increase their Fairtrade Easter range next year.

Go on, be a good egg and sign with Mary:

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Fairtrade Chocolate Fairtrade Chocolate

Thank you to all the petitioners for standing with Mary and cocoa producers in developing countries; asking Coles and Woolworths to increase their Fairtrade Certified Easter range next year.

If you were unable to upload your paper petition and photos with the “we signed with Mary banner” please send them to

Dear Coles and Woolworths,

The future of chocolate is uncertain. The future of cocoa farming is uncertain. My future is uncertain.

Farmers are not able to sell enough cocoa to make a sustainable income. Our cocoa trees are aging and provide fewer cocoa pods. The next generation of cocoa farmers, our children, do not want to follow us into farming. They see no future in it with the hard work and low income.

I joined Fairtrade because I benefit from the safety net of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and the Fairtrade Premium invested in our communities. But I only receive these benefits when I sell my cocoa on Fairtrade terms.

So when consumers in Australia buy Fairtrade chocolate, it makes a huge difference to me, my family, and my community. These consumers are telling me that they would like to buy Fairtrade chocolate but there are very few options on your shelves.

If you stock more Fairtrade certified Easter chocolate for consumers to buy, we will be able to sell more of our cocoa on Fairtrade terms.So we the farmers, together with the Australian consumers, are calling on you, the retailers, to double your national ranging of Fairtrade certified Easter products in 2016.

Yours sincerely,
Mary Appiah
Fairtrade cocoa farmer


Stop The Traffik


What is A Fair Easter Egg?

Chocolate Fairtrade
FairTrade is about better prices, decent working conditions & fair trades of term for farmers & workers

Chocolate is one of the world’s favourite foods but growing cocoa is a hard task. 90% of the world’s cocoa is grown on small family farms by about 6 million farmers who earn their living from growing and selling cocoa beans.

Most producers have small farms, often with less than five hectares of land and the number of farmers is falling because the benefits are so poor that few young people want to stay in the profession – the average age of a cocoa farmer is 50! The international price of cocoa beans is currently rising in response to high demand for cocoa products as the industry wakes up to a potential long-term shortfall in global supply. But cocoa farmers like Mary Appiah aren’t benefitting sufficiently from the rise in prices and remain in poverty as their incomes fail to keep up with rising production costs and household expenses. They also face significant problems with the crops, including disease and age damaging cocoa trees.

Buying Fairtrade certified chocolate makes a huge difference to the lives of cocoa farmers and their families around the world.

Read More About It

FairTrade. The Power IsIn Your Hands

Fairtrade aims to make cocoa farming more sustainable so farmers can better provide for themselves and their families.

Fairtrade has a minimum price for cocoa of US$2,000 per ton, with a US$200 premium per ton on top of that for farmers to democratically  invest in their businesses or local community.

The Fairtrade Premium is invested in programmes to improve the efficiency of farms to boost the yields and the quality of their cocoa. In 2012-13, 49% of premium income was used by organisations to strengthen their cocoa business and farming methods. The premium is also invested in community programmes such as schools, medical centres and clean running water.

Farmers in the 87,000-strong Fairtrade certified Kuapa Kokoo cooperative in Ghana have spent their premium on building wells for drinking water, building public toilets, and a mobile clinic to visit member’s villages. They have also invested in training in leadership and management and set up other ways for women especially to earn more money, making soap, milling corn and breeding snails.

In addition to the Fairtrade Minimum Price and Fairtrade Premium, Fairtrade provides essential training and support to farmer organisations to help them become successful business organisations. In Côte d’Ivoire, Fairtrade undertook training workshops so farmers know how to negotiate their contracts with traders and get a better deal for their members.

Kuapa Kokoo farmers own 45% of Dicine Chocolate. This means they share in the profits and also have a say in how the company is managed.

The FAIRTRADE Mark on an Easter egg means the producers and traders have met Fairtrade Standards designed to address the imbalance of power in trading relationships, unstable markets and the injustices of conventional trade. It provides you with the assurance that Fairtrade cocoa producers are regularly audited against the strict social, economic and environmental standards governing working conditions, sustainable farming practices, biodiversity, freedom from discrimination and prohibiting the worst form of child labour and forced labour.

You have the power to help these cocoa farmers build better futures for themselves, their families and their communities – just by enjoying your favourite Fairtrade Easter egg.

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Mary's Story

Mary Fairtrade
Pink Egg

Who Is Mary?

Mary Appiah is a Fairtrade cocoa farmer and has been in the farming business for 19 years. The 61-year-old farmer started with a small area of land and today she has a 7.5 acre farm.

Where does Mary live?

Mary comes from Enchi district in the Western region of Ghana, where she is a single parent with seven children – 3 sons and 4 daughters aged between 25 and 41.


How long has Mary been with Fairtrade?

Mary Appiah joined Kuapa Kokoo Farmers Union (KKFU) in 2008. Mary started as a recorder and treasurer at the Adumline society in the Anchi district, located in the Western Region of Ghana. She then became the District President and was recently elected as Treasurer on the National Executive Council.

How much cocoa does Mary harvest?

Mary harvests over 20 bags of cocoa annually, which is a greater improvement for her farm. There are 110 KKFU members in Mary’s village, 25 of whom are women. They practice nnoboa (collective spirit) where cooperative members help each other on their farms.

How has Mary benefited from Fairtrade?

Joining the farmers union was the best decision I have ever taken in my farming career, the well laid out incentives offered to us by Kuapa Kokoo have really enhanced the working force in my farm and increased productivity

Mary's Community

Mary's Community

Many farms like Mary’s are situated in remote and marginalised parts of the country, meaning most cocoa growers have limited access to healthcare and clean drinking water. Most villages do not have access to schools, educational materials or teachers.


The Fairtrade Premium has helped to fund schools for communities in the region. The Fairtrade Premium is used towards providing stationary supplies, learning materials and accommodation for teachers. It also funds two day care centres, and has been used to purchase two mobile cinema vans for a farmers’ education programme.


Kuapa Kokoo established a mobile clinic, financed by the Fairtrade Premium, to service the community’s healthcare needs. The clinic visits members’ villages regularly and provides door-to-door service. Water borne diseases from surface water have been tackled through the provision of potable freshwater taps. The Fairtrade Premium has also contributed to facilities to improve sanitation in the communities.

Gender Equality

At Kuapa, they believe that “an empowered woman means an empowered family.” Kuapa Kokoo is addressing gender inequality issues in their community through education, training programmes and empowerment activities for women. At Kuapa, women are increasingly involved at all levels of the organisation’s decision making process.

While there is currently no KKFU developmental project in Mary’s society, she is leading a proposed Gender program which has been put in place.

At the Kuapa Kokoo AGM, they discuss how to increase their female membership. Women who attend meetings and want to join are interviewed by the Kuapa Executive to see if they are serious, before being registered with the cooperative.

“If you get women to attend village meetings that makes them want to join.”


Small farms like Mary’s are able to produce high quality cocoa by maintaining sustainable harvesting practices as recommended by Fairtrade Standards. In order to maintain that high quality, Mary harvests the cocoa pods and ferments the cocoa beans for six days. The beans are then dried on mats before being packaged into sacks and then sold to Kuapa Kokoo.

Farming & Diversification

Farmers who are part of Kuapa Kokoo are guaranteed a fair price for their cocoa beans, with tools and training provided to ensure both knowledge and practical resources are reinvested in the farms. Furthermore, workers have been able to develop other income generating activities such as baking, batik print making, and soap making using the potash produced from burnt cocoa husks.

Environmental Benefits

Kuapa Kokoo maintains farms according to Fairtrade’s Environmental Standards, and promotes sustainable farming practices with minimal use of pesticides to ensure the cocoa beans are of the purest quality. Mary ensures the land on her farm is well maintained. She protects the environment by planting shade trees on her farm and reducing any bush burning. Thorough land preparation ensures that farms are in excellent condition all year.

'Get Cracking'

Run Your Own National Fairtrade Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter we are calling on you, Fairtrade chocolate fans, to organise a fun Fairtrade Easter Egg Hunt in your school or community and sign with Mary for more Fair Easter Eggs next year.


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Educational Events

Come and participate in an interactive educational session for students, with a special presentation by Mary Appiah, Fairtrade cocoa farmer from Ghana

DATE 24/03/2015 TIME 9:30am-11:30am VENUE Pilgrim Uniting Church, 12 Flinders Street, Adelaide Send RSVP Download Program
DATE 25/03/2015 TIME 9:30am-11:30am VENUE RMIT - Design Hub, Building 100, 150 Victoria Street, Carlton Send RSVP Download Program
DATE 01/04/2015 TIME 9:30am-11:30am VENUE Mary MacKillop Place - 80 William Street - North Sydney NSW 2060 Send RSVP Download Program

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